Tapas; 73 years on…

For the past 10 weeks, once every two weeks we have been getting together to re-engage with Gandhi in a self-exploration exercise, using Gandhi as a mirror. The heaviness of this particular morning was not lost in any of us. It is the 74th Independence Day for India.


“By not knowing, not hoping to know, and not acting like we know what’s happening, we begin to access our inner strength” – Pema Chodron

Tryst with the Kilimanjaro – starting where it started

As my flight home took off and slowly raised over the first layer of clouds something caught my eye, peaking out of the clouds. “Could that be…?”, my mind was racing when the captain’s voice came over the PA system. “If you look to your right, you can see the top of the Mt. Kilimanjaro”….

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls” – Anais Nin     Photo Courtesy: Leio McLaren

நினைவில்லாத நிழல்கள்

நினைவுகளை விடவும்மறதிகள் அதிகமாய்மனதில் பதியும் வயது.“அப்போதெல்லாம் கிரிக்கெட் ஆடுவேன், தெரியுமா”, என்றாய்.கண்ணாடி போடலை;அதனால்கலங்கலாய்த் தெரிகிறதென்றேன்.உன் சிரிப்பில்குப்பெனக் கமழ்கிறதுநேசத்தின் நிழல்களின் மணம்.

Pieces of my heart

I leave little pieces of my heart Everywhere I go.Some stay pinnedTugging my kids.Every frown stinging;Every goodbye tugging.Some I have left behind.In Amma’s saree foldings And the giggles of her grandkids.Some stay backWhen I leave my Best friend’s place.Assuring hugs not withstanding.Some get stuck In the telephone.Words trying to fill up the distance.And failing.I walk…

My experiment with Trust

Would you trust your car with someone you don’t know? How are we a society without trust? #trust #humanity

Yellow threads on wrists

Life in a small town is never the same as it is in a city. Cities have their hustle and bustle, incessant traffic, crowded malls, people moving around with a look of purpose, yet a sense of emptiness remains at the heart of it all. In my hometown, life is a lot more slow-paced but…

Field of unfinished dreams

I am a little unsteady, my love.I feel my feetBut can’t find the path.Wait…It’s not seeing;It’s hearing I have trouble with.Silence getting lostin the cacophony.Stay still; I can hear.I thinks it’s my breath.Not a single leaf moves.Stillnessof the dead kind.Not yet.I gasp and life stirs – almost. What else…It has to be thenmy Being,Without you.Untethered.Aimless.Flowing,…