Tryst with the Kilimanjaro – starting where it started

As my flight home took off and slowly raised over the first layer of clouds something caught my eye, peaking out of the clouds. “Could that be…?”, my mind was racing when the captain’s voice came over the PA system. “If you look to your right, you can see the top of the Mt. Kilimanjaro”….

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls” – Anais Nin     Photo Courtesy: Leio McLaren


Impatience is what will kill me. I know that now.


Situations we take for granted did not exist a few years ago. As humanity, are we creating problems more rapidly now?

Growing old…

I can’t remember struggling so much to write a piece… This is sensitive and I wanted to make sure I don’t say anything out of context. At the same time, this needed to be written.


Secrets – do they remain secrets if never shared?

Oh dear

Some words too dear to be used casually. Or may be not. What is your reaction when someone calls you “dear”, out of context?