Navigating through Technology options for your Business Architecture

It is mind boggling to see the number of options out there today for HR
Systems (and for that matter technologies for any business process). First
of all, there are choices between SaaS (Software as a Service), Utility
based outsourcing and the on-premise models; and then there are niche
products, end to end HR systems, web based ones, self service portals – the list goes on.
Through these blogs I will try to simplify the process of selecting the right system for your business.
Choosing the right technology for your business depends on a number of factors:
1. Who will be the users of the technology?
2. How will they be using it?
3. Where do they need to access the technology from?
4. Who has approvals and decision making controls in the process?
5. The culture of your organization
6. How often do org structure and process steps change?
7. What are the data sources for the business process?
This blog will take a closer look at some of these factors and explain how they impact your technology decision., one of the latest and smart websites offering services in HR IS systems, has taken one of the most practical approaches towards helping customers choose the right HR system. Not only do they have descriptions and demos of 20+ products, they also guide the customer through a 10-min interview that determines the natire of the company and the requirements of the HR system. There is no one size fits all. Different technologies will be appropriate for organizations at different points in time.
Through this blog, let us look at some such factors and what they truly mean to your business and technology.

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