The viewing glass

I am in the middle of yet another HR Tech Implementation. This one is meant to be not just a PeopleSoft implementation but a transformation project. This project had aimed and worked towards changing attitudes, business processes, data definitions and the very meaning of what it means to be a Global Organisation. It has certainly created a dent and set in motion the best practices that need to become the norm. But it has fallen short of making the first impression because of bad data.
I have seen this time and again. Project teams with the best intention design the most efficient processes with sleek interfaces and all of that falls through once the data conversion team starts churning messy data through it. A system is only as good as the data that goes through it. The difference between a garbage truck and an armoured cash truck often comes down to the cargo it carries.
When a user logs in and finds the incorrect job title, salary and other details it doesn’t take long for that user to lose trust in the system and go back to trusted excel.

I get it. It is not an easy task. Often when consolidating multiple legacy systems into one system, there is a lot of data collation and data translation that happens and most that happens manually. But it is not an impossible task. After all data is data is data. It is black and white and can be stripped down to standards when one starts questioning the purpose of the data. We all keep and use data for common purposes. So there is always an opportunity to integrate.

I strongly recommend companies take that opportunity and invest in data conversion track of your large HR transformation programme. Forget big data; break free of bad, disintegrated data. Data is the looking glass through which your processes, systems and your whole effectiveness as HR is viewed


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