It’s always a new beginning…

I met my college friend Uma yesterday. We talked about myriad things from old friends to health checks and then she asked me, “What do you want to do in life, Maggie?”

I didn’t bat an eyelid and went on to describe my travel dreams and yoga aspirations as she shared her desire to back pack around the world. There may seem nothing strange about this conversation except that we are both not youngsters at the brim of life, but pushing 40; an age when we, in our young and carefree days, thought we would start winding down.

In hindsight though, it was a beautiful question to ask and to be asked. It reinforced what I have been believing secretly; that I am starting afresh every single day. Learning something new every day; making amends; improving skills; reaching a little farther.

I had just read an article on The article recounts the conversation between two thirty-something ladies talking about how their lives are going downhill from there. (Read the full article here –

Youth is certainly energetic and beautiful. The feeling of being invincible combined with sheer physical energy to go on for days with no sleep and junk food is even admirable.
But the 30’s and 40’s bring balance and clarity and help channel the energy appropriately. You know your limits and tend to employ your strengths cleverly and on things that mean the most to you.
Physical strength is not a long shot and is achievable if you have the right discipline. Of course, you may not be running sprints at the Olympics or competing in Wimbledon, but then that would not be the goal anyway.
Most of us have grown up kids who don’t need round the clock care which allows for more flexibility to give a serious think about what is it you really want to do.

So everyday, from today is definitely a new beginning and time to ask myself where do I want to go. And as evident from my friend’s question, there is a whole bunch on starting afresh every day!


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