The science (?) behind surviving a bumpy plane ride


The last twelve months would probably go down as the year when I flew the most in my life. In spite of that, with every bump mid-air, the phobia never fails to return. I worry about a potential crash and recall every horror story I have heard from people and read on news.

Statistically speaking, crossing a busy road in India is more fatal than a plane ride. (For the record, if you have never been in India or witnessed the traffic here, do not attempt crossing the road by yourself when you do visit here. It ranks high up there with bungee jumping and sky diving)
But I would, like millions in my country do, will look at both sides, pick the right moment and walk across without batting an eyelid.
And I know that it is not just me. No amount of frequent flyer miles, takes that fear of air travel completely away from people.

That got me thinking about the so-called power of positive thinking. If visualising the outcome and positive thinking are powerful and can bring about miraculous results like some of the books out there and the whole industry built around it claim, then there should be no accidents on Indian roads. I am 100% sure that every person who sets foot on the road absolutely believes that he or she will make it to other end safely in one piece.
On the other hand, given the amount of negative energy coming from the fear that every mid-air bump creates, air travel should be catastrophic!

Before I delve further let me state that I am the number one of Optimism and a true believer of the Universal law of attraction.
But it confounds me to think that this law would bend and give way to rationality and practical logic in these scenarios.

This is where the beauty of quantum physics lies. It is an intriguing branch of science that allows for science’s own rules to be flipped. More importantly it establishes the different dimensions, one where Newton’s laws of physics are irrefutable and others where they no longer hold good.

It is the same notion that explains this anomaly as well. Events like crossing a road and riding a plane lie in a realm where rationality and human logic prevail over the unexplained. We have invested in research and safety measures to make planes defy the collective negative energy generated by the scaredy cats aboard.

There are other realms, miracles like surviving terminal cancer or sometimes passing board exams (as my kids hope every single time they give an exam) there is an element of luck and destiny which you can turn around with the power of positive thinking.

So my dear friends, take heart in the fact every fear wrought not a disaster. Tell yourself , “All is well”.
And do not only rely on visualisation; do your homework and be cautious.
One last thing – read the book The dancing Wu Li masters by Gary Zukav. You will have great fun.


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  1. Aarthi says:

    Margo, very nicely written. Nice way that you have combined law of attraction with quantum physics to give reasons on road/air travel safety. I loved your article on running too… Seeing a lovely author blossom… Keep writing and keep sharing…

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