A note to my teenager

I could have changed your world with one word. A “Yes” instead of a “No” would have had you hopping and humming instead of moping around feigning more tiredness than you actually feel.

All you wanted was to skip school and sleep in. You had worked through the weekend on the co-curricular activities you had enrolled in and didn’t have your weekly break.
That was perfect logic.
I also knew that you wouldn’t miss too much academically as your school in the midst of sports day preparations.

Believe me, it was very tempting. One nod; nobody gets hurt and I have a happy child. The reward of taking the easy way out loomed so large that the alternative paled in comparison, it almost disappeared.

But then I needed you to understand that half the way to success consists on showing up; irrespective of how boring it is; irrespective of the tempting distractions.

I wanted you to know that the right choice is not necessarily the happy choice.

I would like you to realise that one needs to go that extra mile, like working on the weekends and still be a regular in school, to be extra special and you have the potential to do it.

I had to make sure that you inherit the respect for discipline and commitment.

And, finally, you may recall that I gave you a choice of speaking to your teacher if you really wanted to stay back (you didn’t talk to her as you were afraid she would say no).
If you are making a choice you should have the guts to stick to it and defend it. I needed you to learn that.

So, as your sad face tugs my heart, I keep a stone face and say, “No, you will have to go to school today”.
I know you will come around. You are a good kid.


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