Keep it going…

I have not seen the documentary. I don’t think I will.

But that is only because I curtail what I see and read just like I do with my diet and I just don’t need to see it.

But I have read the blogs, Facebook posts and view points that have been pouring out since the preview of the documentary; more after India banning it.

I instinctively agreed with the ban, that is, until I heard the politicians’ and leaders’ justifications.

I thought it was good to ban it because we are a country who would easily take our morals from the long drawn television soap operas and clichéd movies.

We are a country who would do things because they are supposed to done so without ever pausing to question the logic or reason behind it.

We run a real danger of people nodding their heads in mute concurrence with AP Singh’s words.

And even worse, we run the danger of people dismissing this as another Bollywood story that everyone firmly believes will never repeat in their neighbourhood.

So ban it by all means. 

Ban the documentary for not doing justice to Nirbhaya or the uproar it created in the country on the days after the horrific incident. Ban it because your masses are not prepared to face reality. Ban it because, from what I have read, the documentary plays up to the gore more than the issue behind the incident.

But don’t ban it saying it defames India. If the perpetrators and the defence lawyers featured in the documentary are the representations of India, then that is a real shame. 

Don’t ban it in the name of culture unless the culture you mean is the obedient, not-questioning, conforming, rules-driven culture inherent to India.

This is a country where every single woman gets groped at least a few times in her life time. This is also a country that worships the mother and prays to the Goddess in one of the most extravagant festivities every year.

I live in a country of contrasts. India is a country where a woman still has a long way to go before being accepted as an individual. But India is also the country of my father, brother, husband and my son.

If anything, this documentary does expose an ugly side of India. But judging by what I am hearing on social media, it is rekindling the anger and intolerance towards acts of violence and attitude of professional and educated men like A.P. Singh.

And, who is the Indian government kidding?! Can anything be really banned in today’s world?

So go see it on Youtube. If you are like me, don’t see it; but read about it. 

Let it rekindle what we owe the women who have paved every inch of the road which has led us to have some voice. Let us not stop until every mother pledges to bring up her son as a responsible, respecting gentleman. Let us swear to be role models to our young daughters, brave, able and confident. This cannot die with being just a political theatre or media gimmick. 


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