A Thursday morning soliloquy – Be kind to yourself

In spite of the glorious trials we put ourselves through, it seems like life is not about right or wrong. It is about being genuine and compassionate.

My father would joke, “You should go to a doctor because the doctor needs to live; but you should skip the medication prescribed because you need to live”.

In similar lines, being genuine is important for you to live well. Compassion is needed so that you let others live.

Being true to yourself and accepting who you are is a beautiful thing. It is also a journey. Every time you think you know who you are, the next circumstance you face will reveal another layer of you. It is a journey, where once started, it is prudent not to give up.

The downside of this discovery is that knowing your self might lead you to think that is the “right” type of self that needs to be. This is where compassion comes in. Compassion allows you to accept others the way they are and their unique selves. Compassion allows you to see not everyone is at the same stage as you are in their personal journeys and that is perfectly ok.

Being judgemental and assigning a wrong and right to every thing eventually lands us in guilt which leads to further defensiveness, more analysis of what went right and what didn’t. Why the vicious circle?! 

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