The Ayala Triangle Park

Living in the heart of Makati, Metro Manila can get overwhelming for non-city dwellers. The dawn breaks at 5 AM and the roads are heavy with traffic by 6 AM and it only gets worse as the day progresses.

Manila is a city that starts the day early. In fact, I doubt it ever sleeps. There are companies working in shifts round the clock and those who are working and party goers drift in and out of buildings all day.

Manila is also an active city. You can find jogging enthusiasts, surfers, hikers, divers and serious ultra runners and sky runners everywhere. The combination of these two factors means you will find joggers on the road at any given time of the day on all pavements.

But for a business visitor to Manila, running on those roads can become tricky. There are underpasses to cross the busy roads which interfere with the rhythm of running and pedestrian crossings occur too often and have a long wait interrupting the run.

For these souls, the trail around Ayala triangle can be a welcome relief. Once you get to the park, you can run without worrying about traffic or crossings. The additional bonus is that this part of the town is a few degrees cooler than any other part of the city due to the trees. It is also an incredibly interesting place to run as there will always be company with people of all sizes and shapes running with you. It is quite safe to run here as there are security guards around the place.

My only warning, particularly on week days would be to start your run early. The roads around the park are pretty full on with traffic by 6 AM and instead of fresh air from the greenery you will be inhaling fuel fumes post 6 o’ clock, not to mention that it can quickly get pretty hot in the summer months as the sun ascends.

One run around the park recorded 1.2 km and 63 m elevation on my iPhone during my last run.

Running trail

View into the park


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