A date with Super Woman


It was with lots of apprehension and some curiosity that I agreed to chaperone the kids to a show on Lilly Singh’s Unicorn Island world tour. I had my reasons and plenty of them.

  • First of all, what on earth was a YouTube channel and does being a YouTube celebrity even count? The fact that the only other YouTube celebrity I could recall was Gangnam didn’t help.
  • Second, while I appreciate entertainment, I cannot stand fans hyperventilating at the sight of a celebrity and all the preparation going on at home around this show was pointing to something similar.
  • And, my kids are in school. What good can ever come of taking them out for 2 hours to watch someone make mindless jokes?!!

It was not until I reached there and watched Lilly Singh walk in confidently on the stage and start performing did I realize I was purely biased. 

Here was someone breaking all the stereotypes. 

Here was an Indian making waves on Global stage; proud of her heritage wearing her long hair and a nose ring naturally; dark skinned; woman; not resorting to swearing and cheap antics to get attention. In short, someone just comfortable under her own skin and having fun doing what she is doing. 

On that particular day, Lilly was sick. It was obvious she had a bad sore throat. I could only imagine how sick she might be feeling. But she did not let any of that come in the way of dancing, singing and talking for hours!

I could see the passion and dedication that had gone into creating the show. The dance performances were well coordinated and the entire show was well executed.

And she was hilarious! It was refreshing to hear jokes on day to day things – parental concerns, teen’s takes on parents and how dumb they perceive their parents to be, body image, incessant media reinforcement on relationships and size zero correlation to happiness, all generally strewn in with generous doses of Frozen inspired laughter.

Now that is someone I will happy for kids to look up to (if I could look past the screaming and swooning that manifested towards the end of the show…)


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