Cat Wisdom

I often catch myself holding my breath; waiting for something to happen. Then I have to remind myself to breathe all the way in.

Off late I notice this happens more often – what with all the free time staring at my face this week, as there is no running or yoga due to my knee injury and am yet to start logging crazy hours in my new role. 

It is one of those phases in life where the dices are rolling in ultra slow motion and you don’t know which way they are going to fall. It is one of those moments where your self longs for the comfort of certainty and a clear way forward but the path looks foggy and all you can do is put one foot after the other until the fog lifts.

Apparently this groundless state where is growth occurs. Pema Chodron says, “By not knowing, not hoping to know, and not acting like we know what’s happening, we begin to access our inner strength”.

Not to get too philoshical, I have termed this the cat wisdom. Have you noticed cats sitting still, looking ahead straight, in a dreamy state, completely content and unconcerned? There are no dinner plans in place and no funds in the bank. They live in the moment and if the moment demands they sit in one place without as much as blinking their eyes, that is exactly what they do. Heck, they look good doing it!

The truth is, as much as you can plan and prepare, what you have with you is just the now. The next minute can be very different from what you had ever imagined and throw all your plans into a disarray. So the picture is not very different from when you don’t know what is coming next to when you think you know what is coming next.

So, today let me breathe and take a lesson or two from my cat. Relax in not knowing and looking good doing that. 

The fact is that we spend a long time in the middle. This juicy spot is a fruitful place to be. Resting here completely—steadfastly experiencing the clarity of the present moment—is called enlightenment. – Pema Chodron in “The Places that scare you”

The one in the picture below is my beloved Gandalf the Grey, who cannot jump down from a balcony to save himself, but he doesn’t look like he cares!


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