A new look for 2016

This blog is very personal to me. There are other forums where I write professionally, to present an idea or with a specific goal in mind. But here, I write to stretch myself, to have a free run with my thoughts and just enjoy the flow of words.

I really started this to see if I can hold a thought long enough to put it down in words. In the process, I have come to realise writing is hard work. It takes attention to observe people and things around you to form specific thoughts about them. It takes will power to develop those thoughts into something readable. And then it takes patience to actually type it, proof read, edit and make multiple corrections until it reads and sounds right.

The intensity of it is sometimes too much to handle, particularly when there are other intense things going on in life, like my new job.

But I am glad I have managed to keep up the blog through the year. My WordPress annual report says there were 28 posts in 2015 and 2300 views (thanks to all of you, my dear friends)

With 2016 coming in, I have changed the look of the blog and will also make it more focused around certain themes that are of interest and value.
Well, I also turned 40, so I think I qualify to start sharing my “wisdom”. I can already see the difference – when I say, “in my experience”, people sit up and take note, more seriously than ever before!


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