Welcome 2017, let’s get to work!

It is a misty morning here in Bangalore.  Visibility has been the lowest of the season. If you wanted any clue on how the coming year is going to be, the morning was not really in a mood to give it away. It seemed to say, “Hang in there. Breathe it all  in. Take it slow”

Frankly speaking I can’t wait. 2016 has been a year of stage setting, of sorts. From Trump winning the U.S. election to J. Jayalalithaa’s mysterious demise close home, way too many things happened, the effects of which will unfold in 2017.

A new order has been set forth in many fronts:

World Leadership – Everyone is holding their breath to see what Donald Trump would do and if U.S. would continue to lead the world in economic, peace and environmental issues.

Role of Women in the society – Between the Brock Turner case and Hillary Clinton losing the election, there has been a lot of thought on this subject and I believe we will see a change sweeping across the world in this area.

Globalization: Brexit has set the stage but we see more and more countries moving to  be local and willing to play a lesser active role in World affairs.

Refugees and Aleppo: In  what was one of the darkest moments for  humankind in  the recent past we saw pictures of Syrian refugees struggling to reach safe shores and have been witnessing the more  recent disturbances in Aleppo. Moments that are  redefining what  home means and what  country means.

Focus on Senior Citizens: Common recurring theme across the podcasts I have been listening to is the focus on Senior Citizens.  Number  of people aged 65 and above will double in the next ten years. The situation is unique because so far we had lower life expectancy and larger families that lived together making senior citizens special, unique and easier to care for. In the current situation with people  marrying later in life,  choosing to live far away from home and have far fewer kids, Senior citizens face a lonely future.

Post-truth World: Fake news and extremely biased views on social media have given rise to what everyone is calling the Post Truth world which is triggering an yearning for the simple world as we knew it, where journalism was believed to report news and there was definitely more tolerance for alternate views.

Personally, I have had many friends go through a tough year, seeing their loved ones go through health issues. We all cannot wait to put it behind and move towards hope.

So  my dear 2017, it is time to lift the mist and get to work. There is a lot to accomplish to get peace, sanity and simplicity into this world. Of course, the  best place to start is with yourself.

As I saw on a Facebook post this morning, “Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself”.

Listen. Be open. Be kind.


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  1. Subrat says:

    Excellent, very powerful message.

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