Go ahead.. Kiss that boo boo

Meeting my little niece is always a pleasure. I see her once a year and the days with her are filled with affection and smiles which I can only hope lasts for the years to come. This time was no different. She tracked my travel plans. She knew when I started packing and when I boarded the plane. She was at the airport as I landed in Texas.

This time she had something more planned for me. “Before we do anything we have to kiss Periamma (aunt)’s boo boo as soon as we see her, so that she feels better”. The injury-prone me (more on that later) had hurt my knee the week before and had been literally dragging my left foot through the journey.

I would have marveled at the cuteness of it and let it go at that. But this trip was not the usual trip and here is why I think kissing the boo boo is so very important.

As I was waiting at the airport, eating my lunch, a lady was brought in a wheel chair to the seat opposite mine. As soon as the attendant settled her down and left, the lady’s cane fell away from her, out of her reach. I put my lunch away, propelled myself up and picked up the cane and gave it to her. We exchanged a few words.

As I boarded the plane minutes later, to my pleasant surprise, my seat was right next to this beautiful lady. We got talking about books and careers. She has been an energy healer for 47 years and was on her way to a conference.

She saw me huff and puff as my knee reacted to pressure changes in the cabin and the prolonged sitting down was getting to me.  “Can I try healing it?”, she asked.

Of course. I would try anything to make it feel better.

She put her hands on my knee and felt it. I watched her work. She worked on my bruised bones and the “unhappy” meniscus as I started feeling my knee becoming little more flexible. Not the instant pain relief you would get from ibuprofen or aceclofenac, but an opening; some room. “It will take another 2-3 days. But see how that feels”, she said as she closed.

I asked her what exactly she did with my knee. “When a body part is aching, you can feel the energy of it. I feel my way through energy levels in different parts of the body and work with the points where some effort is needed. It is like stroking the energy of something that is hurting to nudge it back into healing and getting it back to where it should be.”

Logical? At a quantum level, yes. It could be.

Now coming back to kissing the boo boo, isn’t that exactly what we do? Plant a kiss with love on a hurting body part. Like stroking the back of the ears of a cat and getting it to purr, we probably nudge that part into a happy hum with that kiss.

So go ahead and kiss that boo boo. It might just be what is needed for the meds to work.

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